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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hello, I'm Jasmine. I'm from North Wales, I'm seventeen, I love The Velvet Underground. And I find it hard to make up my mind. Read my about me. (It's probably out of date) online
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look at this cat he’s so happy with his leaf i think we should all be more like this cat

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🍕 (at Sizzle Pie)
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Céline SS13
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indie/bambi blog ✿
makeup transformations that are going to blow you away :o
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Andy Warhol and Lou Reed, 1967, Providence - Ronn Spencer
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"I’ve Crushed Seventeen Men’s Skulls Between My Thighs". Photographed by Emma Summerton for i-D October 2008



From N. Simakoff: “Islamic Designs”.
Design from decorative painting on Bukhara architacture.

When you have a group acting on a set you can think of the whole set or design as made up of actions by the group on one little piece. This is how the computer works when it uses Terrazzo.

Read more: www.dartmouth.edu/~matc/math5.pattern

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